5 ways to move from tutorials to pro web designer

There are many ways to gain the necessary experience in order to move from a simple understanding of tutorials to becoming a pro web designer. It’s actually easier than you think. Here are five ways to become a pro designer:

1. Start your own project

Building a tutorial project is a walk in the park compared to putting together your own. One way to look at it would be to compare painting by numbers to the freedom of having a blank canvas. Although it can be a little daunting, but the effective administration of your own project is where you will gain experience, self-confidence and skills. If you are unsure of what to build one good rule of thumb is to work on something that interests you so that you are motivated. On the other hand, it also needs to be an ambitious project so that you will gain more of a skill set. As long as you pick well you will have levelled up. A certain web design calgary CEO has even said that he only accepts new interns who have created at least 3 of their own projects.f7300ac92977fcb7e822bf237907f440

2. Do a little bit each day.

The next step is to utilize the Pomodoro technique, which can help you keep to a regular study. Although the nibble method can seem a bit daunting, it is important to remember that learning to code is much like learning a different way of thinking. You can only benefit if you make coding a part of your daily routine.

3. Find your own solution.

When you are coding, you will often run into problems. It is important that you learn to devise your own solutions before running to a search engine. While you could probably track down a similar project or tutorial and paste it into your project that will hurt you in the long run. It is far better to break your problem into pieces it can help you determine what to target. Another idea would be to check the browser console to look for any errors showing up. Reading console errors and understanding what they mean is an important step. Sometimes searching the error can bring up people who have had the same issue in the past.

4. Talk to other developers

Sometimes networking can go a long way. In the field of computer development, it is important to remembe8383911d987a9c2519962b62cfd9ab51r that these individuals are also self-learners and tend to make good teachers as well. A more experienced computer developer can often guide you through your code and show you a quicker solution. One advantage is that it can show them what your skill level is and may help you get invited to bigger projects. The question is often asked, what do you do if you don’t know any developers? You should try looking for a meetup in your area or look for a chatroom on Slack.

5. Familiarize yourself with the learning cycle.

Becoming a good developer is a neverending process. You will always be learning something new, so it can be a bit of whirlwind of emotions when you try to wrap your head around all of these new concepts. However, remember that the outcome of a working code will be truly exhilarating. Developers are a lot like professional athletes because we work equally as hard. Front end development is an extremely interesting job.

Hopefully these tips have helped you on your way of leveling up and becoming the best developer that you can be.

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Reasons why WordPress is great for web designing and development

Whether you are about to start a business and you aren’t aware of ways of having online presence, or you have not managed to improve your presence or just unhappy with your website, you may want to consider WordPress. For those of you who have never come across the word WordPress, it is simply a publishing platform that is used in the creation of blogs and websites. It enables the creation of a user interface that is highly customizable. WordPress is used to power millions of sites the whole world over and most great brands utilize WordPress. These big manes include play station, CNN, people magazine, Ford and even New York times to mention just but a few. Impressive! It is good enough for such big names; it is good for your website too. Below are reasons why WordPress is great for web designing and development.

Wordpress is here to stay

As content management system wordpress has took the globe by storm! In fact, since august the year 2011, over 15 percent of well-known million sites the whole world over depend on WordPress. It is more often than not heralded by web developers, web designers as well as users since it is easy to use. This is why its popularity has grown and continues to grow. If you like statistics, here are a few more great ones: studies show that WordPress was being used by about 9 percent of top world websites by the year 2014.many people will admit that rising from the 9 percent to 15 percent within just one year tells volumes about the growing popularity of wordpress, as well as how people love it!

Wordpress isn’t for bloggers only

Sometimes back, if you mentioned something to do with WordPress, everybody would automatically think of blogging. Even though it is still preferred by bloggers, it has become a comprehensive content management system for powering many and diverse kinds of sites that include job boards, classified ads, business sites etc.

Its cost-effective

If you would like to save your money, and I am sure you would, you better think of WordPress. To get a person who can develop your custom CMS, you have to dig deeper in to your pockets .but you can have the same thing done by WordPress free of charge since it is customizable and freely available. The plugins, just like WordPress, are free. These plugins are typically both free and open source meaning that one can edit them if they have to.

WordPress is Flexible

Another good thing about WordPress is that it is entirely open source; it implies that the WordPress source code is readily available to everyone. Therefore, anybody on earth can actually modify this code if they have to and customize it further to suit their needs. Many times, this would not be necessary. However, it implies that plugins as well as themes developed for the platform actually are open source.

Hey, I Can Design My Own B2B Website

You see them all the time, ads on TV about building your own B2B website. Some are free and easy to use as shown on the commercial with the happy faced people using them. Just a few clicks of a mouse and you have a professional looking B2B website.

If only reality were so easy. The truth of the matter is most businesses must have a custom website design. Using free sites will allow you to pick a category for your business. The same category similar businesses will also use.

This means you will have the same website as everyone else in the category with maybe a different color. They do offer a more “custom” experience for a fee.

Your customers may not take you seriously when they see your site hosted on a free service. It is like buying jewelry from a nice store or a guy with a trench coat.

Purpose Of Your B2B Website

The sole purpose of your B2B website is to catch your potential customers attention. It needs to do this long enough for them to buy your product or service. It gives your customers their first, and maybe only, impression of your business.b5059635dac8a3ccc3f0c61c57db7082

A website, done correctly, can be the force that propels your business. If done incorrectly can also do the opposite. Free options are fine for a personal website. A true B2B website needs some planning and it needs a professional service to get it done right.

Here are reasons why you need a professional B2B website service to build your B2B website.


This is the most critical factor in a website today. You have probably been searching for something and when a slow to load site comes up, you click close and move on. If that was your website, you just lost business.

You can have the best and most expensive website out there and if it doesn’t load quickly is pretty useless. A professional B2B service can get you the best hosting on the best servers. Unlike the free services where you have 1,000 other sites using the same servers.

You cannot trivialize this as people will not visit a slow to load and operate site. Do you? An optimized B2B website is something a professional service does for you.

Search Engines

You need an optimized website and good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so your site can be found. The search engines rate you low for a slow site and you also need the proper content. A B2B web design company can help you get on page one of search results.

Having the best site on page ten doesn’t do much for your business. If you don’t know the new rules to get your site ranked higher, you have a pretty page with no visitors.

Responsive Web Design

This is another big factor in your site ranking and performance. How well your site looks on different devices. More than 50% of web traffic is from a mobile device these days. Cell phones and tablets are taking over the desktop scene.

Your B2B website needs to look great on these devices or you won’t go far. If your customers can’t see your site on their device, you lose money.


What content does your B2B business need to catch attention? What graphics work the best for your business? Is your page too crowded? Is it easy to navigate? Is it telling your story?

These are all questions your B2B website designer can answer. If your customers get lost and frustrated on your site, they will not come back. You have to have engaging content and design to keep customers coming back.

Social Media

Whether we love or hate social media it is here to stay. Do you have an easy way for your customers to share your content? Do you have a social media strategy?

If you now have a blank stare on your face, you need a professional website designers help.


Professional website designer have a lot more experience than you have in these areas. They know what it takes to produce a successful website. They know what graphics, content, social media strategy, and design will work best.

It is the difference between having a car and having a race car. You can have a free site nobody sees or a successful B2B website which brings in business.

A great B2B website is a collaboration between you and the web design service to produce a great site. A site you can be proud of and promotes your business.


In the end, it is your business. It provides your livelihood. Using a professional B2B website design firm ensures you get a great B2B site. A site optimized to work now and into the future. Bringing in customers every day. Growing your business and your brand.

A site built on free media will always be less successful than a professional site. A professional B2B website design firm can ensure you get started on the right footing.

Turn web presence into paying customer – A guide for productive web design

As a startup business, you’re used to hard work. You’ve come up with big ideas that you know will truly make a difference in people’s lives. After all the work you put in, getting customers and clients to engage with your company and purchase from you is still often the hardest part. Without an effective return on profit, your business can’t function. So how can you get more customers online?

Make your web presence work for you. Use your website as a place to get paying customers and clients, not just as a reference point for people. Utilizing a few key elements can improve your productivity online that will result in a bigger customer base and commerce.web design poster


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the king of getting your business noticed online. It functions using keywords that give search engines information on when to display your business to potential customers, depending on the nature of their searches. Use as many keywords as are relevant to what your business is for, and provide as much information about your business as possible within the SEO framework that you have on your website. For more information on tracking how your SEO stacks up against competition, be sure to check out Google Analytics.

A/B Testing

It is not enough to simply get potential clients and customers to your site, you have to keep them there and get them engaged. A good design layout is essential for a professional feel that also grabs the attention of your intended audience. So how do you know what will work? A good way to test the effectiveness of your design is to perform an A/B experiment. A/B testing is a web marketing tool that splits your web traffic into two groups: those who see design “A” and those that see design “B”, and uses the outcome with the most quality web traffic to determine which design is most effective for your business.

Consider hiring a web design team to advise or perform a complete design overhaul- depending on your budget. Make sure to ask your potential design team for examples of their SEO and A/B testing work, and your business will be earning online in no time.